Halfway in the Beginner Journey

こんにちは! It’s been awhile since I last visited this blog and ALOT has happened actually!!!!!! 

Well, the capitalization is actually not that necessary, but you get the point. Anyways,  just a little recap of what has happened when I was away. I just celebrated my 6th month of being a “responsible contributing citizen of the society” or what several people like to call it,  a working adult. I was supposed to be regularized last  August 7, 2017 but thanks to my punctuality,  my regularization was extended for another month. That means another month without Vacation Leaves and Sick Leaves,  health care insurance and better compensation. Yup,  being a latecomer really messes your life up. But enough with the personal happenings,  let’s just talk about my Nihongo jourmey! 
I just finished the 12th lesson in the Genki Book I’m using. Since the Genki series actually consists of 24 lessons,  I’m proud to say that I’M HALFWAY IN BECOMING AN ACTUAL BEGINNER WHEN IT COMES TO NIHONGO!!! YAYYYY! 

So at this time, I would say that I have made significant progress since day I started studying Japanese almost 9 months ago. I could read hiragana almost at the same level I could read the hieroglyphics (a metaphor). But honestly,  when it comes to reading ひらがな、it just becomes natural. Ont eh other hand,  カタカナ still remain a struggle for me,  because I seldom encounter these during my study sessions. For 漢字(かんじ), I was able to know 145 characters already. I think I’m very close considering the fact that an average Japanese needs to know 2135 Kanji Characters in order to read the newspaper with ease. 

Anyways,  as a practice,  I decided to list all the kanji characters I know in this blog post. Let’s start!

一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十 百 千 万 円 時 日 本 人 月 火 水 木 金 土 曜 上 下 中 半 山 川 元 気 天 私 今 女 男 見 行 食 飲 東 西 南 北 口 出 右 左 分 先 生 大 田  学 外 国 京 子 小 社 会 父 母 高 校 毎 語 文 帰 入 員 新 聞 作 仕 車 事 電 休 言 読 思 次 何 午 後 前 名 白 雨 書 友 間 家 話 少 古 知 来 住 正 年 売 買 町 道 自 長 雪 立 夜 朝 持 手 紙 好 近 明 病 院 映 画 歌 市 所 勉 強 有 旅 々 神 早 起 牛 使 働 連 別 度 赤 青 色 

So here are all the Kanji characters I’ve kniwn and studied so far,  and I’m excited to know more! じゃねえええ! 

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