I got a job already and now I’m struggling……


It’s been awhile since I last posted an update in this site. So what’s up with my 日本語 studies?? Well, there’s a lot I want to talk about. First, at the start of February, my mother and I went to our province to attend my aunt’s birthday in Pangasinan, Philippines. And……. I brought my laptop with me even though we have a lot of baggages already coz I can’t stand not studying Japanese even for a day (awow). So during my 5 day vacation, I would usually study Japanese before I sleep. Well anyways,休むは楽しかったです!I was able to reunite with my relatives, and just appreciate nature even just for a while. Maybe from time to time, with the rapid urban life we have, it’s a good idea to just slow down for a bit. After that, we  went back to Manila…… and to the  REALITY haha. And that is, job search AGAIN. 2 days after we went back, I got a job offer already, and the day after I got a job offer again. The first one is a job that I don’t really see myself doing but has a higher salary. The second one is the job that I really like but it does not pay really well. Well after some deep thinking and an assessment of my whole life(?), I chose to be practical. Which brings us to the second matter, I HAVE A JOB ALREADY!!! I’M AN ADULT NOW! I GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER YAAAYYYY….. wait? Hahaha so I’m actually working for 2 weeks already as a financial analyst. The work is not really challenging but it pays better than the jobs I want so why not ryt?

Anyways, for the past 2 weeks, I really struggled in maintaining a constant connection with Japanese. In my first few days of working, I was not able to study Japanese because I underwent a huge adjustment so I really just slept after I went from  work. Also, requirements:(( But after that, I was able to find time to study and now I’m working my way through Lesson 9 of Genki I :)) And during my day offs, I really poured most of my time in catching up to the lessons 🙂 Wish me luck and till the next progress update :)) 気をつけて!!!

PS Another unrelated fashion photo of mine to keep people away from visiting this website hahahA 🙂


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