My Progress(?) in Japanese Learning

Hi self!!! Well, today I just went from 2 job interviews and I just walked from the business center to the train using leather shoes (and I think my feet’s gonna break already).

あしたの朝はお母さんとパンガシナンに行きます。Yup, ya read it ryt. I’ll be going to our province tomorrow. Which means, more time to study Japanese (because I’ll be bringing my laptop!yey!).

Anyways, I believe I have come a long way in my Japanese learning even if only 2 months have passed. I started learning 日本語 last Dec. 2016. Well, a week before that, I already took down the formidable (big words are obligatory in a blog post) Kanas! 私はひらがなとカタカナが上手になると思います。よかったです!!

So how do I study Japanese? Let me tell you first about the material I use. Well, I am using the PDF files of the Genki Series right now, which I just found lying around in the internet (low-cost studying). I actually thought that I would be printing the file because I know myself, and myself prefers physical copies over electronic ones.But then when I tackled the 1st lesson, I realized that it is also quite comfortable using the PDF files so I stuck with it (also….. LAZINESS TO PRINT). So I also prepared sheets of paper (which later on became a whole notebook) and a pen (lots of it actually). I don’t know but I really find myself learning more when I write things so basically my notebook is like a MINI UGLY version of the whole Genki Book. I write all the vocabulary words, as well as the lessons (the important points only which is basically… ALL), as well as expression notes. Sometimes I also write my observations about a grammar point.


Whenever I start with a new lesson, I start first by listening to the dialogues first. Then after that, I write all the vocabulary words. Most of the time I spend the whole day focusing in knowing all (or at least 99%)  of the vocabulary words. The next day, once I feel comfortable with the words already, I will start with the grammar points. Most of the time, I will need another day to cover all the grammar points. Then 1-2 days doing the exercises then another day for the KANJI and another day for the workbook.

I also have a separate small writing notebook where I practice everyday (or not really…. it’s hard to make it a habit) the Hiragana and Katakana as well as the Kanji I learn so far. I plan on doing this until I feel like I could read the Kanas as easy as I could read the Roman Alphabet.


From December 2016 till today, January 25, 2017, I am at Lesson 8 of Genki already. So basically that’s 8 weeks for 8 lessons or 1 lesson a week. I know a lot of verbs already, maybe more than 50 and a whole lot of nouns. I’m done with the long forms for verbs (ます and ません、ました and ませんでした)  long forms for adjectives (both for いーadjectives and なーadjectives). I have also tackled the ーてforms and its basic uses like -てください、-てはいけません、and ーてもいいです。Right now, I’m learning the conjugation for the short forms and I’m having so much fun (insert forced smile here). I also know more than 70 kanji characters at the moment! JUST 1,900++ more to go (that’s the spirit!)。I’m at a point where I can already think of super simple sentences depending on my vocabulary. But, I’M CRAVING FOR MOOOOORE!!!

So till then, myself, がんばります!じゃね!!!


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