My Japanese Language Learning Journey。。。SO FAR

So this is officially my first post targeted to my Japanese learning journey. But first, let me talk about WHY, DO I REALLY WANT TO STUDY JAPANESE?

The truth is……….. I DON’T KNOW (amazing huh?) . It actually started when I finished my last semester in college ( can you believe it?) back in August 2016. Being my usual self, I thought I would not apply for a job immediately since I. NEED.A. BREAK (say it like you’re breaking up with someone) . So that’s when I fully-embraced the unemployed life. Everyday, I keep finding new things to do like new songs to listen to, new movies and series to watch and new websites to visit (that’s what free time can do). And that’s how I discovered Japanese anime. (Seriously?). Haha, I know you’re thinking how “uncivilized” of me to not even know about anime. But before you imagine me being a caveman living in the mountains of Africa without access to internet, TV and the ever-glorious anime, let me clear myself. What I actually discovered during the time is my NEW-FOUND LOVE FOR ANIME. I know quite a lot of anime series before, heck I even grew up with Naruto, but I don’t think I fully-appreciated the worth of anime (mostly because my brothers would annoyingly skip all the episodes concerning the storyline and go straight to the action scenes :(((). But that changed when I started watching HUNTER X HUNTER, followed by ONE PIECE and the list went on and on. But of course I need another blog post (or posts) to explain how much I love them and everything!

And no, if you’re thinking that I just studied Japanese in order to understand my beloved anime then you’re NOT RIGHT, but not WRONG either. Anime sort of triggered my interest in the Japanese language, but it’s not just IT. Even before, I am pretty much interested in Japanese culture and their history. I’m also amazed by the fact that they’re very much attached to the GENUINE JAPANESE CULTURE, which is not the case for the Philippines (I’m a Filipino by the way) because of you know, certain circumstances in our history.

Moreover, I just want to learn another language because it widens your perspective in life. So yeah, I decided to learn Japanese.

P.S Enough with the long post, study Japanese already!



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